Art Final: Mother Mindy, Me, Myself and I

March 25, 2015

My digital illustration class is (finally) done. It’s been a really interesting experience for me; before I was a designer I considered myself an artist primarily, and so I assumed that this would be my favorite class. It’s probably because of this that I overthought everything and psyched myself out of truly enjoying it?

I am happy with my last two assignments, though. The first was to do a self-portrait. I chose to juxtapose myself as a twelve-year old and as an adult in a fashion illustration style, exploring the things that have changed and stayed the same in how I view myself and interact with the world. The second assignment was essentially a free-for-all, to create a piece that reflected how we wanted to illustrate in the future. I decided that this was fun but not something I would want to add to my skills at work and so I did an illustration for fun of Mindy Kaling, being adorable and a badass.

Now I can sleep?

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