6 Best Moments from 200th Episode

November 21, 2014

Now that I am done shaking and crying from happiness, I can finally get my thoughts and feelings together regarding the perfection that was Supernatural’s 200th episode. As was tradition, I met with Risa and Charlie at my house for screaming, hitting each other with pillows, food, and of course intermittent quiet attention to the television screen.

So here are six (because who needs a round number?) of the moments that made me really, really happy to be in this fandom.


1. Because who needs a Fourth Wall?


Jensen Ackles tweeted that this moment was unscripted and pure Jensen. (Which makes sense that this wasn’t pure Dean, because Jensen has made it very clear how uncomfortable fan fiction makes him, whereas Dean has never been more than annoyed by it, and Sam has almost-always found it amusing. CAN WE TALK ABOUT HIS “MAKING UP” SHIP NAMES IN THE EPISODE?!) This couple of seconds was such a great addition to an episode that is already built upon gleefully smashing the fourth wall and holding a party for its demise. There is no such thing as subtlety in this show, which was really, really fitting as an episode that was supposed to be somewhat of a love letter to the fandom.


2. The addition of “Single Man Tear” and “B.M. Moment” to the lexicon


Tumblr has been laughing/crying over Jensen Ackles’ insane ability to product just one perfect tear over and over again (there is even an article about it in the wiki), and there is absolutely no secret that the show is rife with “B.M. Moments” (not “bowel movement,” as both Dean and Sam thought initially, but “boy melodrama”). I’ve screamed enough times about how much I miss Bobby, because he helped keep those moments to no more than once an episode as opposed to season 8 which was basically one very, very, very long B.M. moment. I loved this because it was the touch of self-deprecating humor that the episode needed to balance out the teasing of fandom, which is what was missing from any storyline with Becky.


3. The adorableness of baby queer girls and the Destiel also shhhh


The fandom has been screaming for better queer representation for for-fucking-ever. While it’s extremely unlikely that we will ever see that happen for real with the main characters they do, every once in awhile, throw us a bone with having a queer couple/character whose sexuality isn’t used as a punchline (see: Charlie). Having two of the actresses be in a relationship together was also great because it showed that not every shipper is the classic straight-girl-fetishizing-gay-men (though the fandom is still full of these types), but that there can and are a lot of fans who are themselves queer and would just like for people like them to be seen in media that they love.

And then also it was cute and I loved it as a Destiel shipper, duh.


4. Dean knows RENT


Because I love every single time that the writers show that Dean’s hyper-masculinity is more a result of his upbringing and not necessarily of his actual self (see: Dean Smith), and Sam’s reactions to these moments are always perfect.

Also because remember how there is a queer couple where one of the characters is named “Angel” and so the reference makes me that much happier.




Remember when I mentioned hitting each other with pillows during the screening? Because this was the #1 moment that was a risk to all of our faces. Jose kind of wanted to hide, I think, at the pure ear-busting screeches coming from three over-excited women.

This is just really, really wonderful. I hope that Rob Benedict gets to play a part in this season’s arc and that we will be seeing more of him soon because, honestly, the boys need it.


6. The “Carry On My Wayward Son” Chorus

Want to cry? About something not angst related? Here you fucking go:

Nothing else needs to be said.


Overall, I’m a very happy camper. Supernatural has a somewhat rocky past in dealing with the treatment of the fandom on-air, but anybody who has been to one of the conventions knows that the actors are deeply moved and respectful of the fan reactions, the fan support, and the fans they get to meet. Of course the relationship between the writers who produce the canon and the fans with their own head canons is going to be somewhat tempestuous, and fans have and will continue to cross the line of respect when their feelings are compromised. The message that I got from the episode was the first evidence of respect since the advent of Charlie. Having Chuck/God at the end solidified for me that the writers wanted to send a message that, while they don’t agree with the fan’s interpretations always, they respect our rights to build them and celebrate them with each other.

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