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I write this blog primarily for myself, secondarily to provide a vehicle for discussion amongst myself and my friends, and lastly to take the pressure off of my boyfriend to have to listen to me ramble on all the time. I do enjoy it when people who I am not friends with in real life want to discuss matters with me via my blog, as long as the discussions remain civil and reasonable.

With that last sentence in mind, here are the things that I don’t deem civil and reasonable:

  1. Standard internet rules apply. If you post personal contact information that belongs to somebody else, just know that this shit don’t fly here.
  2. A civil discussion or debate requires that both parties remain respectful, and can respectfully disagree. If you are openly mocking or making it very clear that you are unwilling to listen and respect other viewpoints, just know that this shit don’t fly here.
  3. My personal pet peeve: science is a tool to be used to explain the natural laws, phenomenons, and the mechanisms by which life came to be and how it functions. When a real scientist formulates the parameters of their experiment, they will not only carefully calculate and isolate what they are trying to measure, but they will make damn sure that their own personal biases stay out of it, and that their hypothesis is based on reason and logic and not what they want to results to be. I don’t want you bastardizing their work and skewing their data to make it fit your own needs any more than they do, and that shit definitely don’t fly here.
  4. Ignorance about a topic is one thing, which is why discussion is so important: it can be illuminating. If, instead, you want to use broad generalizations to put down entire groups of people, I will try to chalk it up to ignorance. If, however, you refuse to listen to reason in favor of your own idea of how the world works: just know, that this shit don’t fly here.
  5. If you are outright hateful, demeaning, prejudiced: just know that this shit don’t fly here.

And, as a final note, if you know me in real life and choose to leave me comments on my blog in an attempt to personally shame me: just know, you are seriously overestimating my readership.


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