Days of Gifting – Snowy Tree Ornaments

December 8, 2012

This year I endured the startling revelation that most of my gift list consisted of groups of families. “Endured,” because I did kind of have to stumble around and moan about growing old for awhile. The good part of this, of course, is that I get to make cute, homey crafts for gifts, and thus–my documentation of my “days of gifting,” also known as “if I’m spending this much time doing crafts I would at least like a few Pins out of it.”

I’m really capturing the holiday spirit there.

trees-5 trees-6

Today I decided to take some Pinterest inspiration and try my hand at a little snowy scene in a clear, glass ornament. I did the red one first, which is filled with a mixture of fake snow and small, red rocks with glitter that are supposed to be used in an aquarium. The white ornament’s “snow” is sugar, a hint I got from Pinterest. The trees were a product of my desperate imagination. I couldn’t find any small, fake trees in the dollar store, so I glued together some white, fake leaves with glitter, then shaped them into a tree shape, cut horizontal lines into them and separated it out to give it more dimension.

I would really like to make more of these in different color schemes. Wouldn’t a pink one be amazing?! (No? Just me? Well.)

I gave the white one away today to my good friend, whose birthday is very soon. Note to self: anchor the tree more next time, so that the gift looks more serene and less like the result of an avalanche!

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