God and Pseudo-Science

August 1, 2010

Today I discovered, a very extensive website that claims to hold the correct interpretations of the Bible that will leave any atheist quaking in their cruelty-free boots. Interestingly enough, this is the first website that I’ve encountered that spoke to my specific original question, the question of why it appears that God created the sun after he created plants. As in explained in their page “Does Genesis One Conflict with Science? Day-Age Interpretation,” believes that the sun, the moon and the stars were created initially, and a layer of “clouds and gases” were periodically lifted as the creation story goes on.

It appears that this website tries to use science to back up the Bible, and logic to show that Biblical teachings aren’t as crazy as an atheist would have you believe. I was almost with their logical approach until I saw a few more pages- one that explains (with some dubious studies?) that atheists are immoral, and one that explains how the human race will surely degenerate into complete sexual immorality to the point of having sex with robots.

Man, now I can’t have sex with robots? Religion takes the fun out of everything.

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    God: Author of Law…

    The Moral Liberal Lookin’ at ya…

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