Halloween ’14 (That rhymes)

November 5, 2014

Halloween this year was especially amazing because we actually had an excuse to dress up! … Also because of our friend’s marriage, I guess.

Just kidding; the wedding was definitely the highlight. My post on Facebook sums it up:

I remember way, way back in the wee beginnings of my years at CSUN meeting Nicole Moran. She was the beautiful, hilarious girl and I thought: I need to be like her. She also had already met and started dating the person who was clearly her “The One,” Andrew Keller, which was super fucking obvious to everyone who ever met them. Andy was equally hilarious, kind, and supportive, which made them obviously perfect. They were the couple you wanted to be around for fun times, but also for friendship and support. (P.S. shoutout to myself and Andy catching the bouquet and garter at Maleah Martin‘s wedding, and then later getting married the same year!!)

Yesterday I got to witness what was a looooong time coming between these two, in a ceremony, reception, and all festivities that was 100% them.

We are all so happy and excited to have been witnesses, and to see you guys in the “next step.” I can’t wait to see what comes next

Of course, putting together a costume for the first time in years (as I said to my brother, the years after college and before childbearing–if you choose to do so–are basically where you buy candy and hide it from children) posed an issue, especially when trying to accomplish it on a budget and with a husband whose jokes need to be sifted through to find what he actually wants (which was, ultimately, Luigi). My friend Denia and I ended up shopping (and crafting!) together to make our outfits. My choice was Princess Bubblegum, and she was Mary Poppins.

My final tally:

  • Blue sequin dress (already owned)
  • Cardigan – $3 (from Goodwill)
  • Flats – $9 (from Amazon)
  • Purse – $4 (from Goodwill)
  • Ribbon – $1 (from Michael’s)
  • Lace – $1.50 (from Daiso)
  • Headband for crown – $1.50 (from Daiso)
  • Poster paper for crown – $3 (from Michael’s)
  • Gold spray paint for crown (already owned)
  • Blue glitter for crown (already owned)
  • Wig – $14 (from Amazon)

That means I accomplished my full Halloween costume for $37. The crown was made by hot-glueing poster paper to a headband, spraying it with glitter spray paint, and then adding a dollop of blue glitter.

Jose’s tally:

  • Green t-shirt – $3 (from Michael’s)
  • Green hat – $1.50 (from Daiso)
  • Gloves – $1.50 (from Daiso)
  • Suspenders – $8 (from Hot Topic)
  • Mustache that didn’t really work – $8 (from a Halloween store)

His total was $22.

Sidenote: As it turns out trying an iron-on transfer for a baseball hat? Horrible idea. Thankfully Denia came to the rescue with some puffy paint.

The final costumes!10731026_10204431505201709_5717411533940728774_n



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