Maybetheist Anthems: “Jesus, Are You Real?”

July 2, 2010

As much as I had always admired Mason Jennings (After all, I cannot think of a lyric much better than “This is a bullet from a gun called ‘what the fuck'”) I never truly appreciated him until I listened to the entire Boneclouds album. I would love to write about the entire genius of this whole album, but instead I am going to write about how, years before I would feel this way, Mason Jennings wrote a song about me.

(Okay, not really, but it’s close enough.)

This entire song speaks volumes about how I feel about Jesus right now. With very simple words and rhyme, Mason Jennings manages to encapsulate the voice of thousands of people searching for God, thousands of “maybetheists.” The song itself is stripped bare in order to let the listener really focus on the words. It is, overall, beautiful and sad. This is just a sampling of the genius of this song, which I hope you buy and listen to yourself:

Jesus, my life does not feel the same
New things happen every day
Things I can’t explain
But I am not a man of faith
I’m a man of truth
But is this feeling in my heart
Is this feeling proof

All I do is doubt you, God
All I do is love you, God
All I do is question you
What else can I do?
This world was never solid ground
Religion cannot help me now
All I do is search for you
When else can I do?
And when I say I search for you
I mean I search for peace
I search for hope,
I search for love,
And one day for release

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