Thank You, Grilled Cheesus!

October 7, 2010
A promotional balloon for Glee in New York City.

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Now that I live with my sister and my brother-in-law, there are certain things that are expected of me. One such thing is that I wait until my sister gets home on Tuesday nights to watch Glee with the family.

This is a rule that I clearly broke when I found out that the episode was going to be about religion.

In the first minute and a half, one of the characters (Finn, for those of you who watch the episode) makes a grilled cheese sandwich that happens to have a burned section that looks like the classic “Jesus” visage. He begins to pray to the “Grilled Cheesus” and, every time he asks for something, his prayers are answered. (I would say that 100% is actually a pretty awesome track record. I’d pray to that.) After these few minutes I immediately ran outside to tell my brother-in-law that this was the best episode EVER.

I was pretty pleased with the way that atheists were portrayed on this episode. They had one atheist whose lack of belief came from a lack of an answered prayer (Sue Sylvester) and one who just seemed to not believe, but also had some negative views of religion’s actions against homosexuals, women and science (Kurt). The things that he said kind of came across as very classic atheist, as though somebody Wikipedia‘d atheist arguments and decided to have him mention them (the Teacup argument, the FSM). Still, it seemed to come across well.

My only problem with the episode was how it seemed like, by the end of the episode, the lesson was: it’s wrong to not believe in anything, you have to believe in something, otherwise you life is empty and foul. My hope is that a young freethinker will watch this episode and find a positive role model, and also that young believers can find positive role models as well.

After all, Mercedes sang Bridge Over Troubled Water in a gospel style. I could never hate on that.

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