The Way (But perhaps without “the truth” and “the light”)

July 19, 2010

I have been sitting here, trying to remember anything that I was taught about Taoism. All I can remember off the top of my head is that the first letter has been expressed as either an English “t” or a “d” in our translations. I remember that it is old, older than Christianity. I remember that it is a set of philosophies and not a religion.

So, not enough to make me stop and think about it seriously.

There is one reason why I stopped on a website about Taoism to read what it has to offer. And all I can say is: Taoism is simultaneously perfect and imperfect.

Science is fact

Religion is faith

Magic is perception

Know these boundaries to discover what lies beyond.

How genius is that?

I have been afraid to jump immediately into any Eastern religions, mostly because I know that they will attract me quickly. After all, how could I possibly keep from falling in love with a tradition that will openly admit its own fluidity and its personal nature? Growing up in a society that praises order and homogeneity can only make me yearn for its antithesis, naturally.

Not that the Tao is necessarily disorder or heterogeneity; the Tao seems to me to be a philosophy of living your life in the peace that comes from accepting yourself and life fully. And how isn’t that amazing? Taoism seems to be offering to me everything that I wanted out of Christianity but failed to find: peace. In Christianity, peace seems to come from giving up yourself, your actions and your life to a higher being. Taoism seems to be finding peace by taking control of yourself, your actions and your life in a responsible, calm manner. I would much prefer this, as it seems to be more mature.

I’m not sure if this is where I will end up, as a believer in “the way,” but it sure is interesting. I’ll definitely be doing research.

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