Time Hasn’t Helped

September 13, 2013


Because keep in mind that he spent awhile dating these young, beautiful women who could have been models but were doctors or grad students.

And then there is Mac, who is beautiful, but not in the overt way that the other women are. This is Mac, who he sees at her most flustered, most tired, but this is also when she is vibrant and at her best and just glowing from being fucking amazing at her job and just amazing in general.

Even if she doesn’t have perfect hair and makeup, there is nobody in the entire world who will ever match up to her for Will, because to Will she is the pinnacle, the beginning, the end, the most everything in the world, everything that is important.

She’s the most attractive to him when she’s naked, when she’s clothed, when she’s quiet and when she’s screaming in his face, when she’s clueless about simple things and when she’s a genius about journalism, when she’s in New York and near him and when she’s embedded overseas and winning awards, when she’s dressed up and looking amazing and when she’s in work clothes.

Time hasn’t helped and it won’t, because he hasn’t and won’t stop.

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