Why friends are good, and also difficult

November 12, 2010
In the thick of the street festival, some demo...
In the thick of the street festival, some demo...

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I’ve had a lot of mixed reactions from friends since starting this blog and ~spiritual journey~. Some Christian friends have been extremely supportive of me, and even said that by questioning God I’m showing more reverence for him than the people who blindly believe.

And then again.

Not that many of my friends have been abrasive to me. Only my parents have shown their discontent at my new life change, at least up until a few days ago.

Now, I completely subscribe to the idea of “Don’t Be A Dick,” but mostly when it comes to everyday interactions with friends. I am definitely not going to tell a Christian or religious person that they are wrong- I will only say it online, and not about them specifically. I generally refrain from using the word “atheist” to define myself, because I know the repercussions that could ensue. But still, it is true; I am an atheist, and I love being so.

Three nights ago, one of my friends decided to tell me that atheist was the least reasonable thing a person could be, and that moral relativism made no sense. I spent two hours defending my position to this friend, and in the end neither of us were happy.

“He’s just concerned about your immortal soul,” my other friend told me later on. This makes sense to me. I used to be concerned for my non-Christian friends when I was a Christian, but never enough to tell them that they were wrong.

How abrasive is it okay to be? Is it okay to defend your position, even if it will make the other person upset? How “out” is it okay to be around Christian friends?

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