A moment for our marriage

May 25, 2014

I started last week describing it as “Hell Week” because it was CRAZY busy and full of scary responsibilities. I’m so happy that it ended with an outpouring of love. My co-workers worked hard to surprise me with as many treats as possible, including a mini-birthday/bachelorette party. This doesn’t even cover how many amazing texts and Facebook posts/messages that I got from all of you flawless friends. You guys did so much to boost my life and help me power through the stress and business.

And then, of course, I got to end the week with getting married to my best friend. You’ve seen enough of me being all mushy, but what I will continue to say is that I’ll never forget the look in his eyes when he was saying his vows nor the look in his eyes when we were dancing (me, dancing horribly, him being The Dance Whisperer).

It was an unexpected blessing to get to share it with so much of my family, and the Madrigal family giving them 100% love was enough to get me choked up. This really just emphasized the beautiful truth that I am now officially a part of an amazing, AMAZING family. I lost count of the number of Jose’s family members that happily screamed at me “YOU’RE A MADRIGAL NOW!” and that is a beautiful thing.

So THANK YOUUUU~ to everyone who was able to attend, and to those who did and are continuing to give us support and celebration. I already knew that people liked us as a couple, but to see it in writing makes me so happy.


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