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Glitter Enthusiast is an amalgamation of several of my past blogs. Because of this, the topics are varied, and the article lengths are varied. Here are a few topics covered:

Atheism • Social Justice • Politics (Progressive positive) • Fashion • Graphic Design • Fandom • Crafting • Homemaking

About Me

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Graphic designer, fangirl, and glitter enthusiast

My name is Elizabeth Madrigal, but I go by “Elle.” I am a professional graphic and web designer, currently working as a contracted developer. In the past I have worked in several professional design fields: fashion; screen-printing; adult websites; social media; and product development and branding. This is amazing, because I never anticipated my childhood hobby of website building ever becoming more than a fun outlet. Let’s just say that there is something magical about letting the reasons why you were bullied become a way to make money as an adult.

Another way my life deviated in ways unexpected? I am definitely a girly-girl, a fashion-lover, and a homemaker. All of these things make me insanely happy, as does my marriage.

The one constant I haven’t been able to shake? Fandom. I’ve been an avid member of various fandoms from the age of 9 (I know) when I started reading (I know) and writing (I know) fan fiction and drawing fan art. In my adult life, this includes going to conventions, setting up weekly tv-viewing parties, and writing critically about representation.

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