Daily Grind – 07/01/10

July 1, 2010

I thought that I should sporadically start sharing daily links to amazing news articles about science and religion, or whatever I see fit. Good to wake up and drink your coffee to (thus the name).

This Is Your Brain On Meditation: Mingyur Rinpoche Describes The Science Of Happiness

Mingyur underwent brain imaging scans to test the effects of meditation. The studies found that the brain changed significantly during meditation. “The result”, said Rinpoche, was that my gamma synchronicity was very high. They told me they had never seen this level of synchronicity before.” Gamma synchronicity is the synchronicity of gamma rhythms that represent different populations of neurons “working together” in a network, in order to carry out cognitive functions.

‘Sea monster’ whale fossil unearthed

“We immediately saw that it was a very large whale and when we looked closer we saw it was a giant sperm whale with huge teeth.”

The teeth were more than twice the length and diameter of those found in modern sperm whales and they were on the upper and lower jaws.

Most Efficient Quantum Memory for Light Developed

An Australian National University-led team has developed the most efficient quantum memory for light in the world, taking us closer to a future of super-fast computers and communication secured by the laws of physics.

What Makes Us Human? Studies of Chimp and Human DNA May Tell Us

The genetic codes of  and humans are 99 percent identical. Measured by differences in DNA, the chimp, Pan troglodytes, is the closest living relative to our own species, Homo sapiens. The comparison to an ape might make a few people squirm, but researchers now are happily comparing chimps and humans more closely than ever before.

North America’s First Peoples More Genetically Diverse Than Thought, Mitochondrial Genome Analysis Reveals

In a report published online in Genome Research, researchers have found that the diversity of the first Americans has been significantly underestimated, underscoring the importance of comprehensive sampling for accurate analysis of human migrations.

And finally, some food for thought:

Is it wrong for a Christian woman to wear trousers?

Essentially, modesty does not draw attention to the individual. As Christians we are in this world to point people to Christ. The Lord said that we are to let our light shine so that men may see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven (Mt. 5:16). Clothing designed to attract attention to the person or a portion of the body, whether male or female, is inherently immodest.

I sense a future “Why I am going to hell” coming up…

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