Fandom Rant #43214321

November 11, 2013

Bless Jose for listening to me (or at least being quiet?????) when I start going on a rant about fandom but like

I really refuse to believe that seeing queer “where there is none” is because there really is a complete lack of the possibility and more about whether or not queer identities are openly acknowledged in the universe or by the creators.

Because when I read Harry Potter book 7, all I needed was the chapter that talks about Dumbledore’s relationship with Grindlewald for me to say “BOYFRIENDS~.” I’m still cheering myself on for that little piece of being vindicated by JKR.

True Blood has several well-established and open queer characters, so when Tara and Pam kissed (which I was like YESSSSSS) I also felt vindicated when this happened right after my friend said “Lizz, you just see too much gay.” Which I still hold is ridiculous because both Tara and Pam were shown to have sex (and even relationships) with women, and also the eyes they had been making at each other all season? OKAY?!

I’ll be honest in that there are people who I ship where I know it would never happen on the show/in the book/in the movie/whatever, especially when I have OT3s. There are some ships where I just like the potential, but know that I would have to put the characters in a very different scenario than whatever happened in canon for it to happen. And those are really fun to ship.

But I refuse to accept that Destiel needs to fall into that latter category. It’s utter bullshit that the boys get to have sex with women who they have only known for one episode (not that sex should always need an emotional component or that having casual sex is wrong) but two characters with a well-established and spoken of “profound bond” couldn’t possibly ever have a romantic and sexual relationship just because Castiel’s vessel happens to be male?!

I know that’s bullshit, you know that’s bullshit, and I think the acknowledgement from writers/producers/etc. shows that some of them think it’s bullshit, too.

I’m pretty convinced that the only thing that is holding TPTB back is money. There have to be some restrictions or threats on the table simply because of funding. Nothing else makes sense anymore.

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