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June 9, 2010

The following is a chat I had a few hours ago with a representative from Needless to say, after this exchange I am weary of using this website again. By the end of this conversation, it also occurred to me how cult-like she (he?) was making Christianity sound. I’m jarred.

Elizabeth: Hello, I have a question that has been plaguing me for quite some time. I would rather prefer an answer that is more detailed than “God can do whatever He wants.” My question is this: why would God create plants before He created the sun? Can God’s heavenly light from the first day have the right wavelength to power photosynthesis?
You are now speaking with Casey R of needhim-large.
Casey R: Hello
Elizabeth: Hello!
Casey R: how are you?
Elizabeth: Confused, really.
Elizabeth: But I’m sure you get that all the time.
Casey R: yes quite a bit :)
Casey R: so your concerned with gensis 1 and 2
Elizabeth: Right
Casey R: ok lets look at it exactly
Casey R: Gen 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
Casey R: so God intially created everything
Casey R: then it got messed up
Casey R: Gen 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
Casey R: God didnt create it without form and full of void
Casey R: but it became that way though a series of events
Casey R: then at this point things needed to be recreated
Elizabeth: So God created things, but they were almost immediately faulted?
Casey R: no it was a great deal of time
Casey R: but as far as we are concerned yes
Casey R: these are the billions of years that science talks abouts
Elizabeth: Okay so “in the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth” = The Big Bang?
Elizabeth: And then God later intervened?
Casey R: no
Casey R: in the begining God created the heavens and the earth
Casey R: and the first time he did at the same level of interaction
Casey R: as the second time
Casey R: he was totally involved
Casey R: are you there?
Elizabeth: Yes
Casey R: does that make sense?
Elizabeth: Okay, so God created things, but then they got messed up, so he fixed things?
Casey R: yep
Casey R: just like with us
Casey R: we sinned
Casey R: so he sent Jesus to fix things
Casey R: have you accepted Jesus as your King and Friend?
Elizabeth: Well yes, I thought that it was humans who introduced sin into the world and, thus, suffering. But it seems like you’re saying that, even before humans, the Earth itself was faulted.
Casey R: yes but it was fixed
Elizabeth: It was fixed, but then it was messed up again?
Casey R: yep we messed it up the second time
Elizabeth: And then we messed it up a THIRD time and then God sent down the flood?
Casey R: yep
Casey R: but we only messed it up a second time then
Elizabeth: But then God promised to not, you know, start over again
Elizabeth: Again
Casey R: well no
Casey R: he promised that as long as the earth remained there would be seed time and harvest time
Casey R: and that there wouldnt be another flood
Casey R: but soon Jesus will return
Casey R: and about a thousand years after that we are going to start over again
Casey R: the question is do you know the Lord?
Elizabeth: Well I was brought up in a Baptist home and I accepted Jesus when I was younger, yes
Casey R: great
Elizabeth: But now I am re-reading through many things and I have questions
Elizabeth: Also, your explanation is something I have never heard before. What denomination of Christianity are you a part of?
Casey R: yes its called the gap theory
Casey R: and its not super super important
Casey R: and if someone disagrees thats fine
Casey R: or if they have a better explination that too is fine
Casey R: i’m non-denominational
Casey R: evangelical like the baptist
Casey R: but uh hmm
Casey R: well
Casey R: we have a different kind of bible study than what you would be use to :)
Casey R: its a good thing
Elizabeth: It sounds interesting and different. Do you have any links to an example of a non-denominational Bible study? I would like to learn more
Casey R: yes certainly
Casey R: here is a list of teaching series that are provided without charge
Casey R: you can download mp3 or watch videos on a great deal of topics
Casey R:
Elizabeth: Sounds awesome!
Casey R: great :)
Elizabeth: I am still a little confused regarding my original question, though. So when God fixed things, did all of the things that he “created” as the Bible says already exist?
Elizabeth: He just made them right again?
Casey R: somethings were already in the earth
Casey R: you can see that the bible says the earth brought forth
Casey R: other things he recreated
Casey R: some say that this explains the extream difference between the biological kingdoms
Elizabeth: So then the sun could have already existed?
Casey R: yes the sun already existed but
Elizabeth: And, thus, plants could exist?
Casey R: had uh umm gone cold
Casey R: and no the plants werent working
Casey R: and were not there
Casey R: the earth was flooded
Casey R: only the seeds were left in the ground
Casey R: so
Casey R: creation of everything
Casey R: everything is perfect for extended period of time
Casey R: mess up by somthing
Casey R: distruction of everything
Casey R: recreation of everything using some old and some new
Casey R: mess up of adam
Elizabeth: Okay, well, see, this is where my confusion comes from. The Bible says that God created plants, and then on the NEXT day He created the sun. How did the plants function, if they need the sun to survive?
Casey R: years pass
Casey R: Jesus Fixes everything goes to heaven
Casey R: years pass
Casey R: Jesus returns for His brothers and sisters
Casey R: takes us to heaven
Casey R: 7 years pass of hell on heart and heaven in heaven
Casey R: Jesus return to earth and takes over the Earth
Casey R: 1000 years pass of heaven on earth
Casey R: a fight
Casey R: then another recreation
Casey R: and heaven and earth are joined
Casey R: thats sorda a basic overview of the timeline of the world
Casey R: does that make sense?
Elizabeth: It sounds very interesting. I would like to look into this more, and I will definitely read and listen to the resources you have given me.
Elizabeth: I have to go now, but thank you for explaining things to me!
Casey R: your very welcome
Casey R: God Bless you :)
Your party has left this session.

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