Sick, but golden

January 19, 2013

A quick post, because I’m dying.

(Okay, not really. But I’m obviously dramatic?)

A friend of mine from college was in town two nights ago with his band, which is pretty much perpetually touring. I bought tickets to the show without telling him, but I never expected to actually get to talk to him that night! Instead, José and I ended up talking to him on the curb outside the Echo for over an hour, which was obviously significantly longer than I thought I’d be able to actually see him. We didn’t end up getting to stay for the show (both José and I had work to do, being old).

What we did get was sick from being out in the cold for so long.


So what does a somewhat-delirious, tired, but fabulous me do?

Play around with the gold flakes I got from Michael’s, obviously. The base is Julep’s Donna, which is on sale right now with Julep’s Blues For A Cause. Partial proceeds are donated to job-training scholarships for a survivor of human trafficking.

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