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Days of Gifting – Snowy Tree Ornaments

December 8, 2012

This year I endured the startling revelation that most of my gift list consisted of groups of families. “Endured,” because I did kind of have to stumble around and moan about growing old for awhile. The good part of this, of course, is that I get to make cute, homey crafts for gifts, and thus–my documentation of my “days of gifting,” also known as “if I’m spending this much time doing crafts I would at least like a few Pins…

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Holiday Cards from Paper Culture

December 6, 2012

This year is the first year that we’re sending out holiday cards (because fourth year together is the magic year…?). This is a tradition that is strong in my family, and one that mystified and annoyed the shit out of José, whose family had a lot of better things to do than put their faces on cards. But whatever because I did it anyway. I ordered these right before leaving for San Antonio, so in a pinch I threw some of our…

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Welcome Home

December 3, 2012

Jose surprised me by decorating for my homecoming from Texas. (Apparently, he couldn’t find a “Welcome home” banner, so he went with “Happy birthday.”) And he even let me have the penguin stocking. <3…

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Xmas: “Christ” Was Never Being “Taken Out”

December 29, 2010
Chi Rho U+2627

You learn something new every day! I stumbled across this post on a friend’s Facebook page the other day: ‎”Someone has written that people use Xmas and it means Xhaustion, Xcuses, Xchanges, Xcesses, Xtravagances, Xasperations, Xhibitions and worldly Xcitement. How much better to make the Lord the very center of our Christmas observance. Keep Christ in Christmas!” Very cute. In a comment, somebody left a link to a page explaining that the “X” in “Xmas” actually is representative of the…

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Family Religion

Surviving the holidays, non-affiliated

December 28, 2010
the sexy santa assistants were there to take a...

So now, on the other side of it all, I can officially say- I’ve survived the holiday season for the first time as an unaffiliated person. And it really wasn’t that hard. I think that a lot of people have a vision of atheists as being anti-Christmas, or anti-religious-holidays in general. I can’t speak for the majority of atheists, but as for myself I have no problem with the holidays. If they are something that can bring families together or…

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