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Just so you know: your Christianity is far less “peaceful” than you think.

August 11, 2011

I consider myself to be a realistic person, overall. While I may speak in hyperbole in my everyday life (“This is the best thing of all time! Do you hear me?! Of all time!” “Okay, I already looked for that, like, twelve billion times.”) I try to think and speak “professionally” as accurately as possible. I am well aware that outliers do not define a trend. I obviously don’t think that all Christians are violent, immoral, etc. However: I do…

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That Ol’ “W” Word

December 9, 2010
Photo taken at the 41st Emmy Awards 9/17/89

Anybody who is friends with me on Facebook already knows this, but it definitely bears repeating: Yesterday, I was listening to a sermon given by Kirk Cameron at the church that I grew up going to, Immanuel Baptist Church. The sermon itself was making me laugh, as it seemed as though half of the sermon was centered around himself. (He actually make the audience sing the Growing Pains theme song, and then went on to base his sermon around his…

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Days Like This

November 27, 2010
Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

My friend warned me the other night that people may not be as kind to me as I am to them, especially regarding belief and a lack of belief. Last night I received two e-mails from a Facebook friend who happens to be quite conservative. The surprising thing about this is that we have never exchanged e-mails, and yet it was sent to my e-mail inbox, not my Facebook inbox, leading me to believe that she definitely wanted me to…

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