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Lady Gaga watch: A king with no crown

April 18, 2011

Apparently my phone will let me make posts like this. We’ll see what happens. It’s time to write about Lady Gaga again. And I’m not just doing it because the top search that leads to my blog is “latex nun.” Obviously Lady Gaga’s new single “Judas” is many things- controversial, highly dancable, and borderline genius to name a few. The lyrics can either be read as irreverent, sacreligious, or nonsensical. But the point is: I selfishly claim this song as…

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The Power of Listening: A Maybetheist Interview

February 2, 2011

What in the world could I possibly say about my friend Lauren besides the fact that she is pretty much one of the most amazing persons in the entire world (and I’m not just saying that because she reads my blog, but just in case she’s reading this right now [she will] – Hello, there!) Lauren has been a believer, a not-too-much-of-a-believer, a missionary, and a youth minister, and she’s only twenty-two years old. She has also stayed my friend…

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Yes, We Did

January 28, 2011

I just wanted to share this anecdote and picture with you guys. I was at Borders with my good friend, when we spotted a pad that had been written upon. Somebody had (quite artistically) drawn “I ♥ Sex” all over the page. In the corner of the page, we also saw that somebody had written “Jesus Christ is Lord! =)” My friend knew just what to do. “Jesus ♥ Sex, 2!” And this is why I love my friend.…

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As the year ends

December 31, 2010
Patrick Henry College Residential Village

2010 was a lot of things for me. I moved three times. I was hospitalized once. I started two new jobs. Throughout the year, I did have my boyfriend to help me out and keep me centered, which I am extremely grateful for. 2010 is also the year that I can remember for the year in which I lost my faith. Which is why it’s funny that, at the end of the year, I find myself finishing up a book…

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Surviving the holidays, non-affiliated

December 28, 2010
the sexy santa assistants were there to take a...

So now, on the other side of it all, I can officially say- I’ve survived the holiday season for the first time as an unaffiliated person. And it really wasn’t that hard. I think that a lot of people have a vision of atheists as being anti-Christmas, or anti-religious-holidays in general. I can’t speak for the majority of atheists, but as for myself I have no problem with the holidays. If they are something that can bring families together or…

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That Ol’ “W” Word

December 9, 2010
Photo taken at the 41st Emmy Awards 9/17/89

Anybody who is friends with me on Facebook already knows this, but it definitely bears repeating: Yesterday, I was listening to a sermon given by Kirk Cameron at the church that I grew up going to, Immanuel Baptist Church. The sermon itself was making me laugh, as it seemed as though half of the sermon was centered around himself. (He actually make the audience sing the Growing Pains theme song, and then went on to base his sermon around his…

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Reading the Red Letters: John 1

June 13, 2010

In the beginning of about twenty minutes ago, I asked my Dad which was his favorite Gospel, and the Gospel was John. And so I began to read from John 1. And then I began to write about John 1. It’s all very fascinating. As part of this “spiritual quest” that I am taking right now, I decided to write about what Jesus says, or what the “red letters” say. In the case of John 1, this isn’t much, and…

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