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Holiday Love

December 27, 2012

And it’s all over! JosĂ© and I split our Christmas Eve between my grandparent’s and his parent’s house. I ended up deciding on the Maple Butternet Squash and Apple Soup that I found on FoodGawker for our soup-pot luck. It was a huge hit, which made me ridiculously proud. My family (besides my immediate family) has never tasted my cooking before, and it seemed like everybody was pleasantly surprised at my ability to not blunder in the kitchen. I also made…

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Welcome Home

December 3, 2012

Jose surprised me by decorating for my homecoming from Texas. (Apparently, he couldn’t find a “Welcome home” banner, so he went with “Happy birthday.”) And he even let me have the penguin stocking. <3…

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On allowing myself

July 25, 2010

The problem I have with many religions is being told directly what faith should be, which ends up as someone else’s version of faith. This, in turn, means people are left to break tenets of their religious background or belief system, in order to be themselves. This creates an internal battle between their nature and an imposed outside vision. – Casey Komcher, A Personal Tao Isn’t the point of Christianity that God made us imperfect and we need Him to…

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Why I am going to Hell #1: I love the gays

June 7, 2010
God hates fags children

(Please take the title of this post for the cheeky fun it’s trying to be; I’m going to be analyzing all of the things that I have been told that I do “wrong” by Christians, and this is the first and most obvious. Or take the title seriously, if you think I’m going to hell. It happens.) In my experience, there are very few different reactions to homosexuality from Christians. Some people would say “I love the sinner, but hate…

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