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Sick, but golden

January 19, 2013

A quick post, because I’m dying. (Okay, not really. But I’m obviously dramatic?) A friend of mine from college was in town two nights ago with his band, which is pretty much perpetually touring. I bought tickets to the show without telling him, but I never expected to actually get to talk to him that night! Instead, José and I ended up talking to him on the curb outside the Echo for over an hour, which was obviously significantly longer…

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Maybetheist Anthems: Laura Marling’s Discography

July 26, 2010
Laura Marling

Laura Marling has been many things in the few years that she’s been in the indie spotlight. She has been the short-haired, white haired waif who was too young to drink at the venues she was gigging at, she has been the long-haired back-up for Noah and the Whale (notably in “5 Year’s Time”), and recently she has been the dark-haired adult touring India and the rest of the world. But she has always, always been an old soul, writing…

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Maybetheist Anthems: “Jesus, Are You Real?”

July 2, 2010

As much as I had always admired Mason Jennings (After all, I cannot think of a lyric much better than “This is a bullet from a gun called ‘what the fuck'”) I never truly appreciated him until I listened to the entire Boneclouds album. I would love to write about the entire genius of this whole album, but instead I am going to write about how, years before I would feel this way, Mason Jennings wrote a song about me.…

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