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Internet: conquered.

July 11, 2011

Well, I have finally made it, in terms of internet bloggers. Curiously, I did not feel that I had “made it” when I hit my official decade mark of blogging, nor did I feel it when I was interviewed for a book because of my blog. I feel it now because I was finally name-called on the internet. Apparently, I am “Bitchy, Entitled Feminist.” The best part of this is that, for some reason, I got referenced in a post…

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The problems with “nice guy” syndrome

July 8, 2011

 (While this could certainly apply to other groups of male-identifying persons and also non-straight persons, I’m going to focus this point on cisgender, heterosexual men.) As somebody who played an instrument in the low brass and was even low brass section leader in marching band for two years, and also as somebody who is aspiring to work in male-dominated industries (web design, academia) I have been lucky enough to meet a variety of men and get to know many different…

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