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Real Time

September 5, 2010
~so thoughtful of me~

Before you read: just so you know, this is an extremely long rambling post meant mostly for me to figure things out for myself. If this is all tl;dr: I WILL PROBABLY WRITE MORE PERSONAL THINGS HERE IN ADDITION TO COMPLAINING ABOUT CHRISTIANITY. For those of you who know me in real life and have an interest in the inner workings of my brain (I’m looking at you, Knowlsey) read on. Obviously, it isn’t a huge secret that I have…

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Religion Social Justice

Royally Pissed

August 26, 2010

 Well, finally! A place where little girls’ dreams and ambitions go to die. Okay, that’s probably a bit harsh. I can understand that this ministry is seeking to help children by telling them early on that they should be focused on God, and that their identity is in God. But in my own personal opinion, not only does this perpetuate and indoctrinate young girls into the idea that their whole life is dependent on God, but it also uses feminine…

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Worst. Christian. EVER.

August 18, 2010
People Praying

I’ve recently (as in, within the last 24 hours) discovered Stuff Christians Like, a website that aims to both poke fun at Christian clichés and aks- do the clichés get in the way of worship? Being me, I decided to quickly read through as many of the archived 500 posts as seemed appropriate to my life. Oddly enough, it was significantly easier for me to find out that I am a huge cliché of a white person according to Stuff…

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