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Thank you Nicholas Kristof for telling real truth

September 2, 2014
Nick Kristof in the Green Room

The dialogue on race in America is finally starting to shift a little bit. I understand that as a white person, it’s my job to use my position to speak directly to other white people, who end up being more patient and kind with me (even when I’m telling them how much racism is in their words) than they are to people of color who say the same things.

It’s safer for us to talk to other white people. If we’re aware and if we really want to be as anti-racist as we can, we need to be active in the talk.

In that spirit, for those who have already started listening and for those who haven’t listened yet:

Everybody needs to read this article.

So a starting point is for those of us in white America to wipe away any self-satisfaction about racial progress. Yes, the progress is real, but so are the challenges. The gaps demand a wrenching, soul-searching excavation of our national soul, and the first step is to acknowledge that the central race challenge in America today is not the suffering of whites.

“When Whites Just Don’t Get It: After Ferguson, Race Deserves More Attention, Not Less”

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