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the real reason why i love “new girl”

November 23, 2011

A few months into my sophomore year of college, I started renting a room in a woman’s house. Besides her, two guys lived there, one in the room next to me and one in a pool house in the backyard. For the first few months I was very nervous around them and refused to open up (also, I was dating somebody who got jealous way, way too much).

And then, gradually, I realized how amazing it feels to live with guy friends. Growing up, I was extremely shy around anybody with a penis that liked vagina. Most of my male friends were attracted to other men, and I had always seen straight men as “other.” But, thankfully, through their gentle prodding and, yes, forcing me to hang out with them and get used to them, I realized as a cis-woman how nice it is to have straight, cis-guys around. Yes, they did (and still do) tease me mercilessly. Yes, they did (and still do) tell me that many of the things that I like are lame. But they are also amazing friends who are there for me, who will laugh with me, and who I can share the best moments with.

(It helped that I started liking one of them, and that he liked me back, and that we are still dating and ~in love~ or whatever.)

So watching New Girl is kind of like watching myself, Jose and Mike. So I love it (despite many of the problems in the show, especially race and a lot more).

This is a long-winded way of saying: POWERHOUSE ROOMIE TRIO 4LYF


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