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Topic du jour, July: Shaving

July 8, 2011

A few months ago, after I deleted my Facebook, I made a Tumblr in order to fill the void in my soul. Over time, the most influential blog that I followed became Sex is Beautiful. As ridiculous as this sounds, the first time I went on this blog I ended up crying after seeing a body like mine portrayed beautifully and positively. This blog also helped me attain the courage to get my first tattoo (that story will come later).

Also, the owner of this blog is a woman who doesn’t shave, wax, or otherwise get rid of her body hair.

A few weeks ago, I noticed red lumps in my armpit. After freaking out about cancer, my doctor diagnosed them as lymph node infections and blamed my shaving habits, which he said were too frequent.

I used to shave off every hair on my body (though not my head) and didn’t stop this practice until a friend of mine complained about my arm stubble if I didn’t shave my arms. Until a few weeks ago, I kept my armpits and legs bare, and frequently explored fun shapes for my pubic hair.

Then, after the lymph node infection, I decided to start shaving altogether. It has been a few weeks, and so far I can report shorter showers, more comfort on my part, and one disgruntled boyfriend.

(Though, to compromise, I told him that I will keep my pubic hair more groomed, as it is the area of my body with natural hair growth that he is intimate enough with to have an actual say in its general appearance.)

The point is: expect posts about hair removal throughout July, because I find it fascinating.

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