We got married!

May 30, 2014

Well, we finally did the thing. On May 23rd, a day after my 25th birthday, Jose and I got married in front of our parents, my brother and his partner. Our officiant was the happiest judge in all the land (like, I’m 99% certain that he’s secretly Santa Claus?), our vows were beautiful, and we may or may not have cried a little.

Miraculous, really, because this was planned in about a month. Because we bought our house last year, we realized that paying for a wedding in 11 months would be too difficult to achieve. We finally broke down and decided to marry at a courthouse, and have a reception in his parent’s backyard.

This ended up working perfectly. The reception was made up of mostly our families with some of our friends stopping by to share some love. The decorations were hand-made by myself and Jose (who got adorably into Pinterest and the “rustic” theme) with a lot of help from his family. They supplied amazing flowers for centerpieces and even made our wedding cake. My co-worker took pictures, which are fantastic. And, of course, our families merged perfectly and happily.

Basically, I’m the luckiest fucking girl ever.

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